Buwama Crocodile Farm

Buwama Crocodile Farm is situated in Mpigi district in the western just 70 kilometres from the capital city of Uganda (Kampala).when you reach Buwama, you will branch off from this town and the distance to reach the farm covers only 9 kilometres. This reptile farm is anticipated to host over 4000 crocodile species kept according to their age, size and sex.

The farm is situated on great lake shores providing an opportunity for visitors/tourists to relax and enjoy the beach like. The crocodile farm also contains a number of self – contained bandas, which can provide accommodation to the overnight visitors and excursionists, ranging from single to double bed roomed bandas.

Besides watching the crocodiles, Buwama has got other number of activities that are carried out at the farm such as swimming, soccer, swinging, and nature walk around the farm, bird watching and many more.