Seven Wonders of Uganda

The Seven Wonders of Uganda are some of the major tourist attractions that the country is proud of. Apart from the Source of the Nile, the rest of the wonders are part of the largest National Parks in Uganda. These tourist wonders form the biggest percentage of safaris and tours in Uganda.

  • Gorilla gorilla beringei (Mountain Gorillas) – Uganda’s Major Tourist Attraction.
  • Kazinga Channel – A 40km water body that links Lake Edward to Lake George
  • Murchison Falls – An amazing  Secret Wonder on the African continent.
  • Rwenzori Mountains – The highest Mountain Range in Africa.
  • Kibale Forest – the biggest Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda.
  • Source of River Nile in Jinja – The starting point of the world’s longest River Nile.
  • Mount Elgon Caldera – One of the biggest intact calderas in the world.