Sipi River Lodge

Sipi River Lodge is built on 17 acres of land on private grounds, which include the 80 meter of Kapsurur Falls, numerous caves and   attractive surrounding gardens to discover.

The Lodge accommodates a few numbers of visitors at any one time making it a very home away from home experience and they offer quality services to their best. The lodge has well-constructed restaurant on its building that serves delicious meals and  drinks, there is indoor fireplaces where you can relax during the cold evenings, and free parking is also available.

Sipi River Lodge offers a diversity of lodging and  different undertakings, all situated within walking distance of the Lodge,  these include, visiting coffee plantations, hiking, rock climbing, abseiling and trout fishing, the lodge arranges for you excursion to  Mount Elgon .

Whether you are here to enjoy the challenges of the great outdoors or simply to relax and take in the sweeping views and abundant birdlife, Sipi River Lodge promises you a memorable stay.