Top of the Falls Walk in Murchison

The Top of the Falls Murchison Falls National Park is among the rare, stunning and magnificent sights that River Nile is loved for at Murchison Falls National Park.  Walking to these incredible falls is among the major highlights of the park’s many stunning views.

top of the falls walk murchison

The Top of the falls walking experience is what brings all one’s body senses into conformation. Watch whitecaps of water somersault hypnotically into through this seven-meter gap, pay attention to the water’s wild roar, taste the bouquet on into your face and sense the rock shake underneath your feet. It’s an absolute bodily overwork! In case you miss the trek to the top of the falls, make a stop off at the park’s north bank when enjoying your game drive and stride down a few steps, a few meters to the water rapids.

Murchison Falls National Park has massive landscapes and diverse scenery of the surrounding Conservation Area can be explored on foot. Paths through Rabongo Forests and Kaniyo Pabidi offer sightings of lots of primates and birds, whereas around the Nile-Lake Albert outlet, four or less hours guided wetland walks offer conceivable sightings of the much loved Shoebill especially during the low water levels. Having done an afternoon boat cruise upriver, you may also trek for 45 minutes via the forest to the Top of Murchison Falls for an entirely different familiarity of this splendid cascade.

top of the falls murchison

Do a three days Tour of Murchison Falls and visit the Top of The Falls Walk