Uganda Sport Tour Activities

Due to its good water bodies and magnificent geography, Uganda is very ideal for several sporting activities on water and on land. Some of the tourist activities at offer include:-

  1. White water rafting on River Nile
  2. Bungee Jumping on the sides of River Nile
  3. Horse Riding
  4. Quad Biking
  5. Jet Boat cruise
  6. Kayaking
  7. Mountain Biking
  8. Boat Cruising
  9. Golfing

In case you are in Uganda or you plan to visit the country, these are some of the activities to think about. All the activities are doable in one or two days since places where they are done from are not far from Kampala.

Most of them are done in Jinja even though are few of them are offered in Kampala and at a few other areas. These sporting activities are can be done as supplementary activities at the beginning or the end of a longer safari to major tourists destinations in Uganda.


Quad Biking Safari Uganda

1 Day River Nile White Water Rafting