1 Day White Water Rafting Jinja Uganda

1 Day White Water Rafting Jinja Uganda on River Nile 

White Water Rafting on River Nile

A Full Day White Water Rafting on River Nile

You will wake up very early, take your breakfast and then be driven to River Nile for the rafting exercise which, starts in the morning. On arrival, you will get briefing prior to adventurous exercise that covers close to 30 kilometers.

Whitewater Rafting on River Nile covering 30kms.

In your paddle-rafts, each person joins the team as a member and in the command of professional guide. Paddlers are coached widely on how to enjoy themselves on the water plus on various safety aspects including the use of safety kayaks which escort every raft trip on the wild water. The trained safety kayakers are world class paddlers who competently pilot their small boats through the precipitous waves of each rapid ahead of the rafts. When rafts turn upside down and rafters are washed overboard, they are nearby to provide assistance in getting people back to their boats.

The expedition on the water begins gradually and the first few kilometres give the raft guides a chance to train their crews exclusively on all aspects of white water rafting. There is nothing quite enthusing as a morning on the Nile. It stimulates one’s appetite. Juicy pineapples, gigantic avocados, crisp bell peppers and flavorsome carrots are all organically grown in nearby villages. Fresh bread, roasted ham, salami and spicy tomatoes all combined wonderfully well to content even the most unquenchable appetites from a morning of fresh air, wild water and sunshine.

After a pleasant lunch, the rafts enter Wild waters. There is more time between the rough water but the rapids on the Nile become larger and more spectacular. In Overtime rapid (when the Nilometre is reading above 10 cubits) the rafts leap over a 4.5 metre waterfall, race downstream to the ever amazing show then shake timidly at the ‘BAD PLACE’. At Itanda, the young Nile gathers far too much power for our rafts and you are forced to portage around the top of the rapid on land and then reflect on the huge hole at the bottom.

The BAD PLACE is optional but those deciding to raft through it take with them only a slim chance of staying on the ship. Once in The Bad Place, the raft takes on the character of a wild horse being ridden for the first time. It often surfs in the huge breaking waves (probably the largest hole rafted commercially anywhere in the world) and rears, bucks and kicks like thoroughbred saddles for the first time. It makes the most spectacular video footage as riders are often thrown in the air before hitting the racing current and being swept downstream to the calm pool below.

After rafting, enjoy some refreshments near the finishing centre before entering the vehicle to be transferred back to Kampala where you will arrive in the evening. End of the Voyage adventure