The Boma Hotel

The Boma lode is located on the borders of Entebbe and only 5 minutes from Entebbe International Airport. The Hotel is ones of the original and most high-class hotel in Entebbe, positioned in tropical gardens in a green suburb .the rooms consists of the modern luxuries one e with the magnetism and attractiveness of the original 1940’s residential.

Boma is innovative and hospitable hotel that is established on the larger Lake Victoria in Entebbe’s increasing high-class grouping. General with incoming/outbound tourists and emigrants, it’s a friendly structure in a sophisticatedly reinstated foreign homestead and with the relaxed self-sufficient rooms well-tailored with a nice-looking amalgamation of old-world fixtures and African locally made materials.

The Boma is a perfect pause for travelers incoming on dawn evening or outbound on timely morning airlifts. The Boma will organize all landing field transfers making you comfortable in the awareness of not having to travel to or from Kampala at night or in the early hours of the morning.

The staff and administration crew make sure that visitors obtain a individual provisions and enjoy friendliness morals which are in protection the tradition of this attractive lakeshore settlement. The main building has got a reserved dining veranda and living room for instantaneous guests. But there is a pre-booked dining service non-residents, the properties holds a noiseless atmosphere which creates peaceful l night’s rest for the guests.

The Boma’s enclosed compound has fully day security guards and free car parking. A full breakfast and an airport transfer are counted in the standard rate.

The Boma comprises of fifteen bedrooms adorned along African melodies, all of which have their separate isolated bathrooms. Residents’ and customers’ bar set in a redesigned garden with lake views combine to offer a fascinating and calm “country house” experience.