Fort Portal Town

Fort Portal Town is found in western regions of Uganda lies in the northern foothills of mountain Rwenzori, just 50 kilometres north of Kasese town in western Uganda, and it takes around 300 kilometres to reach the town from Kampala. It is one of the common loved towns by most of the tourists where they normally stop over for lunch and it has several landmarks such as banks, nice hotels, restaurants, golf course and many others.

The name was got after the British consul, Sir Gerald portal who entered in Uganda around 1890s to formalise British protectorate ship over Uganda. It is therefore the only town in Uganda with an English name as well as the seat for both Kabarole and Toro palace that was constructed in 1960s.

Some of the interesting places in fort portal include Toro palace, Sir Gerald portal statue which lies at the main road of the town, visit Karambi tombs which is a burial grounds of Omukama Kasagama and Rukidi 111,Fort Portal town is the gateway to the Rwenzori Mountains which are viewed from most corners of the town. Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, Semuliki Valley National Park lie are few hours’ drive away from the town centre. Excursions to these parks can be arranged by Kabarole Tours, a local tour operator based in Fort Portal.

Visit to the crater lakes, caves (Amabare Caves) and waterfalls around Fort Portal town which are normally arranged for tourists, Toro Golf course and Toro botanical garden.

The town has got several hotels and restaurants which serve decent meals for example Rwenzori Travellers Inn, Don’s Plaza, Pierre’s Pizzeria, Memo Tea Room, and Mesh’s Bar  and  Glue Pot Bar. Banking facilities all available, beautiful shopping centres that are scattered all over the town.