Kasese town.

Kasese town is found in western Uganda lying north of Lake George and it is the main commercial centre for kasese district. Copper mining at Kilembe made the town very popular and later attention was drawn to Cobalt mining. Kasese also embraces great history for the Uganda railway which runs from Kasese town to Kampala and then proceeds to Tororo districts.  Kasese hosts number of visitors each to many of its beautiful sightseeing destinations and other big commercial center. Kasese in one of the fastest growing towns in Uganda, this is due to the increased tourism activities in this district and the many industries that employ a big number of natives in this region.

The most important attractions near kasese town include,

Kilembe mine which is known for copper and cobalt in Uganda and they are located in the town suburb Kilembe on the foothills of Mt Rwenzori.

Hima cement limited which is one of biggest cement manufactures in Uganda and it is nearly 334km from Kampala capital city. The factory products are marketed and sold in all countries in East Africa among which are Rwanda, Tanzania Kenya and the neighboring of DRC. This factory is mainly visited on study tours and school tours as it has a lot of educative things.

Kasese airport is one of the 47 airports in Uganda. The airport comprises of good-looking background of the mountain peaks of Mt. Rwenzori also near to the international border of Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo. Many domestic airlines land on this airport with destinations to Queen Elizabeth National Park and to Bwindi National Park.

Mountain Rwenzori, this is one of the major tourist attraction found in kasese, a number of activities are organized by tourists who travel to kasese such activities include mount climbing which takes about 9 days to reach the summit, mountain hiking and nature walks, Birding in Rwenzori and very many others.

Queen Elizabeth National park, this is one of the most interesting national parks in Uganda and the  park takes share in parts of Kasese district, The biggest part of the Queen Elizabeth National park is covered by Kasese district and Kasese town is just outside the Northern part of the park. Wildlife trips from Kasese can be organized to Queen Elizabeth National Park all time in the year.