Pakuba Airfield

Pakuba Airfield is found in Acholi sub region in Nwoya district, north of Uganda. The airstrip is set up within Murchison Falls National Park. This location lies roughly 19 kilometres (12 mi), by road, south of Pakwachi and nearly 95 kilometres (59 mi), by road, northwest of Masindi district Pakuba is situated approximately 275 kilometres (171 mi), by air plane, from Entebbe international airport.

The airport is also operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda. It is among the five upcountry airports that are approved to handle cross-border air traffic from member countries of the East African Community, as part of efforts to promote tourism within eastern Africa

Pakuba is positioned on the eastern bank of the Albert Nile, as the river leaves Lake Albert on its way out of Uganda and into Southern Sudan. All through the 1960s, Pakuba was the location of Pakuba Lodge, later member of the now defunct Uganda Hotels chain. During the 1970s Idi Amin turned the lodge into a State Lodge, for his personal use and enjoyment, as the President of Uganda. Over the years, since his ejection from power in 1979, the accommodations went into bad condition. The lodge is now managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and new renovation has been made and it is now open for use by tourists.

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