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Refunding Gorilla Permit Money

Refunding Gorilla Permit Money following Trip Cancellation

Refunding Gorilla Permit Money is only possible if we resell the gorilla permits to other operators as reimburse the money fully. Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) which is in charge of gorilla permit reservations does not refund gorilla permit money 100% but allows rescheduling of such permit at a fee of $150 per permit.

In you wish to cancel a trip you initially booked with us, you will have to write to us officially via our email and put your case straight forward. If the cancellation is not at short notice, we are able to resell those permits and refund the money as paid. Reselling gorilla permits is not guaranteed though always most likely as long as there are good days to tracking.

We usually advise our clients who attempt to cancel trips for various reasons related to health, travel advisories or anything to at least plan the safari for other dates in the future. This is because reselling permits is a guarantee but extending a safari to another date is a sure deal of future gorilla trekking.

When you confirm a gorilla safari with us, we ask you to deposit all the money for the gorilla permits required. Then you pay the balance for the rest of the entire trip later especially a few days to the safari or on arrival in the country where the trip begins from (Rwanda or Uganda)

Our refund policy on gorilla permits also applies on other safari types. For instance in case you had booked a tour with us and for some reason you cancel after paying partly of fully, as long as we have not used the money, we shall refund you.  But in a situation where we had spent of items like accommodation and activities, that money would not be reimbursed.

Failure to See Gorillas in the Jungle during trekking

In an unlikely event that you don’t see the mountain gorillas in the park, arrangements would be made for you see to track the next day or any future date at no extra charges. In the history of gorilla tourism in Uganda, we have not had any cases of guests failing to see gorillas even though it’s something that can potentially happen.

Note that at Speedway Safaris, we always want to see that our clients do their safari activities as per the agreement. But in case they are unable to make it to the country, we very much need to see that they don’t make any loss resulting from an attempted booking with us.