Rubondo Island National Park

Rubondo Island National Park in the southwest of Lake Victoria, is Tanzania’s tenth National Park and the just a single in Lake Victoria. The 240 square km island gives an exceptional affair to guests, including the fundamental island and 11 littler islets, consolidating the amazing normal excellence of a woodland shelter with the unwinding quietness of sandy lake-shore shorelines.

The Island is approximately 28 km long along the north-south hub and in the vicinity of 3 and 10 km wide. Lake Victoria covers 68,000 square kilometers and is the biggest lake in Africa and the second biggest on the planet – relatively it is double the extent of The Netherlands.

Rubondo Island brags a one of kind assorted qualities of verdure. Just here can the guest make sure of seeing Sitatunga and have the shot of watching little packs of chimpanzees. Different warm blooded creatures as often as possible seen incorporate hippos, otters, bushbucks and vervet monkeys. Rarer sightings are genet, colobus, and swamp mongoose and suni gazelle (dikdik).

The Jewel of Lake Victoria

Rubondo is a heaven for flying creature significant others, with about 430 species reported on the island. The assorted qualities of natural surroundings, from open forest to papyrus bogs and evergreen backwoods, together with its topographical area in the heart of Africa, pulls in various occupant and transient species. The island dhas a plenitude of herons, storks, egrets, ibises, cormorants, kingfishers, flycatchers, honey bee eaters, hornbills and feathered creatures of prey, including the most astounding thickness of fish falcons anyplace on the planet.

Untamed life

The wide assortment of spineless creatures and differing qualities of plants species makes Rubondo an interesting spot for naturalists. Remarkable butterflies make a kaleidoscope of shading in the backwoods together with the breathtaking regular showcases of orchids, fireball lilies and red coral trees. Guests have the opportunity to investigate the woods and lake shores by foot or watercraft permitting every individual to find his or her own enchantment of Rubondo and to leave with a remarkably individual affair of the island.

The camp works 10 bandas (extravagance tents). Each of the ten units ignore the lake, a view which might be appreciated from the disconnection of a private patio and only a couple of yards from the sandy lakeshore. The agreeable vast tents have windows on all sides and, rather than the basic zips, a passageway entryway. An extensive en suite shower and changing area has been built for each banda. Awesome care has been taken to utilize neighborhood regular building materials.

An outcrop of rocks in the midst of scattered trees gives the ideal setting to the eatery and bar, offering an awesome perspective of the lake and cove. A swimming pool is found advantageously near the bar, among the palm trees. Amid the day the lake is generally quiet, yet when the twist gets in the late evening the waves come in, conveying in the singing hints of the ocean. Rubondo’s atmosphere is easily warm all the year round and never gets as hot as on the drift. Make the most of it’s spotless air –there is no activity on the island.

How to reach there.

Seaside air flies from Seronera to Rubondo on Tuesday and Friday, leave at 1425hrs arrives 1700hrs. Flights back to Seronera and Arusha on Wednesday and Saturdays, 0800hrs.