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Hotel Des Mile Collines

Hotel Des Mile Collines has got a fantastic location just 8 Km from Kigali international airport 400 km from Kigali city tower. The hotel features free Wi-Fi, with a beautiful and clean outdoor swimming pool with bar at the side of the pool where visitors can relax and enjoy a drink.

The hotel has got clean and very elegance and comfortable rooms that are air conditioned and each room has well fitted flat screen TV and a private bathroom, bathrobes, and toilets. The rooms have seating areas where visitors and seat and read books or take a drink as your relaxing.

The hotel has offers you with standardized services with 24-hour front desk at property, well trained staff that are very hospital, friendly, helpful and polite. There is also a tennis play ground where visitors can enjoy this, and the place is well known for golfing. The hotel is also provides other services such as free parking and car hiring. Come and enjoy your best stay at Hotel Des Mile Collines.