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Commonly distinguished as ‘the land of a thousand hills’, Rwanda is a land of enormous diversity and beauty with six volcanoes, twenty-three lakes and numerous rivers, some forming the source of the great River Nile. The widespread green vegetation and scenery are really amazing. Magnificent volcanoes and thick tropical forests dominate the north of the country, while gentle hills and valleys, calm lakes and turbulent rivers in both savannah and dense tropical vegetation characterize the rest of the countryside.

Rwanda boasts of a broad variety of flora and fauna, with Parc National des Volcans, in north and is a habitat to the world’s largest number of endangered mountain gorillas. Add up to in hundreds, the gorillas subsist in a protected part, free from poachers. Principally identified for its wealth of primates, Rwanda also has one of Africa’s richest bird life with more than 670 different bird species recorded. And for botanists, the attractive wildflowers of the forests and mountains are capped by more than 100 orchid species in Nyungwe alone.

In eastern Rwanda, the Akagera National Park is crowded with wildlife both large and small and they include lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Hippopotamus to Hyenas, Impalas and Gazelles among the many. There is as well a rich bird life at Akagera park. Favorably placed, the water bodies of Rwanda are ideal for water sports and fishing, particularly Lake Kivu in the west and Lake Muhazi in the east of the country. Lake Kivu offers stunning beaches, extensive peninsulas and an archipelago of eye-catching islands. In short, Rwanda, a very friendly country is a nature lover’s heaven. A good welcome is accompanied by comfortable hotel services, fine food and a rich cultural legacy.