Saadani National Park

Saadani National Park “Where the Bush meets the Beach”

Saadani is the main natural life haven in Tanzania circumscribing the Indian Ocean. Gazetted in 2005, it incorporates a very much safeguarded biological system including the previous Saadani diversion save, the previous Mkwaja farm region, the Wami River and also the Zaraninge Forest.

Numerous towns are spotted around the limits of the recreation center. Saadani town itself once was an imperative harbor-town and slave-exchanging focus in East Africa. These days it is a little Swahili town of around 800 tenants whose work is generally angling.

Fledgling watchers will be dealt with to not-regularly observed transient flying creatures that adoration the shore.

The beach front vegetation zones territory from seashore loaded with palm trees, through the tidal mangrove timberland that shape a support amongst sea and land, to the Wami River shore where the enormous sycamore fig is found. Its semi open forests intently takes after the Selous amusement hold, while the limitless lush territory near the tourism office is named ‘Serengeti Ndogo’ (Small Serengeti) and satisfies the expectations.niNational

Saadani is a stand-out heaven where shoreline life meets wild. This gives you not just the chance to dive into the Indian Ocean straight after your safari, additionally to be submerged in an exceptional show of both marine and terrain widely varied vegetation in a normally interesting setting.


Area: Sadaani National Park is on the north drift approximately 100kms northwest of Dar-es-salaam and a comparative separation southwest of the port of Tanga.


Climate condition:

Dry season: July – September

Wet season: November – May

Less stormy in December – February

Best time to visit: June – September.


How to get there.


By road

  • Dar es Salaam – Chalinze – town of Mandera (great landing area street, 160 km.
  • Around 2-3 hours drive) then from Mandera town drive to Mvave Gate –
  • Saadani National Park tourism office (harsh road,65 km around 2 hours’ drive).
  • From Tanga town through Pangani to Mkwaja Gate (earth street 120 km, around 3-5hours’ drive)
  • . From Dar es Salaam drive north to Saadani through Bagamoyo


By air: Sanction flights from Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar or Tanga or Arusha and other real towns.


Accomodation.Inside the recreation center: There are stop possessed visitor houses known as bandas, rest house, tents and campgrounds. Reserving for bandas, rest house, tents and campgrounds please contact the Park.

At present there is one private possessed hotel known as Sanctuary Saadani Safari Lodge.

Outside the recreation center: There are a few cabins and camps that are exclusive.

What to do

  • Game drives.
  • Boat outings to wami waterway
  • Guided strolling.
  • Bird observing
  • Sun washing on the Saadani shoreline
  • Visiting the Saadani angling town which used to be a humming exchanging focus.


Saadani is the place crabs meet elephant and the thunder of a lion may intrude on your tanning.

This is one of only a handful few reproducing destinations for green turtles.

Toward the southern part encounter salt reaping forms (salt dish) in the hands of local people.

All the standard suspects, for example, zebra, bison, elephant, warthog, giraffe, wildebeest and waterbuck are available. Be that as it may, you additionally stand a high possibility of catching diverse sorts of hartebeest, the huge looked at Rondo Galago and the subtle sable impala on camera amid your amusement drive or wild strolls. Lion, panther and spotted hyena may be harder to discover, however this makes a locating a considerably more noteworthy satisfaction.

Keep in mind .The endless green territory is named ‘Serengeti Ndogo’ (Small Serengeti) and satisfies the desires. Taking a watercraft on the Wami River will add to the enjoyment; here you are as close as one prefers to get to hippo, crocodile and flamingo. Feathered creature watchers will likewise be dealt with to not-regularly observed transient flying creatures that affection the shore, for example, various types of sandpiper, Eurasian oystercatcher and the normal greenshank.

On the shoreline you get the opportunity to appreciate considerably more unique sightings: reproducing green turtles – Saadani’s shorelines are one of Tanzania’s best rearing locales – with dolphins and humpback whales putting on their show in the Indian Ocean past.