Source of the River nile


For adventure, relaxation, excitement and discovery, Source of the River Nile is the best place to go. The Source of the Nile Gardens and Speke Memorial Site is a place in Jinja district with 17 acres marking the origin of the longest river the world (River Nile). With green comfortable and spacious gardens, the Source of the Nile is among Uganda’s main tourist attractions with a number of indigenous birds and monkeys that are seen around commonly. The site has beautiful view over Lake Victoria, the world’s largest fresh water lake. From this point, River Nile flows though Lake Albert to the northern part of Uganda, to Sudan and finally to Egypt where it pours into the Mediterranean Sea covering a distance of 6695 km (4184 miles). The source of the Nile Gardens is conducive for school and family tours and pairs’ or couple’s relaxation. There are a variety of snacks and drinks and a visitor to this place can have boat trips, camping, picnicking all at affordable charges.

Visiting the Source of the River Nile will take you through another life of adventure as its golf course stretching along the water banks provides a pretty main point to the flow of water from Lake Victoria’s only outlet. Riding a boat to Samuka Island is another unforgettable trip on top of the scenic beauty one sees along. Having a safari downstream on the Nile River brings you to Adrift Nile High Camp with various activities including Bungee jump. A few kilometers further down, is Bujagali Falls, the adventurer’s capital with grade-five white water rafting, kayaking, river boarding and mountain-biking which all offer a distinctive way to explore the river banks, going via farms, forests and villages around the Nile.

On the Nile line is Lake Kyoga that feeds the river with fresh water. The Nile water course then leads you to the great Murchison Falls, where much water roars and form a lullaby and here, activities like spot fishing, game drives and scenic viewing complement your safari to Murchison Falls, a remarkable experience. Murchison Falls National Park named after the Murchison falls waters which are part of the Nile River offers boat rides to the foot of the falls where you see hippos, crocodiles and magnificent bird life. Similar to gorilla safaris, the park at the falls organizes nature walks to the top of the falls for trekking chimpanzees which is really an amazing experience by any visitor.


River Nile has a lot to offer to tourists ranging from boat trips to the source, to activities like rafting, kayaking, Fishing on the Victoria Nile and bungee jumping. The name Nile comes from Greek ‘Neilos’ which means the valley. Nile is the longest river in the world whose source is known to be Jinja. The river is 6695 km long, flows through a total of nine countries but is most associated to Uganda and Egypt. The other countries include Ethiopia, Zaire, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan.

This river has mainly two prime branches, the white and blue Nile which then joins in Khartoum to form the Main Nile that consists of the Egyptian Nile and the Cataract Nile. White Nile, the longest segment further divides into three, the Central Sudan region, the Sudd and the Lake Plateau region. The Nile has played a great role in the civilization life and history of some of these countries especially Egypt and Uganda as a source of energy to Ugandans from the Owen Falls Dam plus other upcoming power projects along its course.

It has also provided water for human life and its banks are so fertile that it has enabled Ugandans do agriculture. Sudanese and Egyptians sustain their lives through irrigation and the fertile soils at the banks. The Nile provides water to animals like the crocodiles that live at the banks of the river. Individuals interested in experiencing the Nile up close can journey along the famous river aboard riverboat cruises that depart from numerous points along its banks. On your trip to Africa, the Nile, regarded to be a natural wonder is one of the places that should be on the tour list of options.