Ssese Islands

Ssese Islands are an archipelago of 84 islands in the Lake Victoria lying in north western side of the lake on the Ugandan side. Some islands are very large in size especially Bugala and Bukasa island whereas others are small with little or no human inhabitants. When it comes to serene white sandy beaches, natural rain forests and water wonder world; Ssese Islands become the best place to visit for Holiday and Vacation experiences in Uganda. The islands provide comfortable breathtaking life experiences in Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest water body in the lake category.

The natural setup of Ssese islands makes them the most perfect and calm destination for vacation honey moons, retreats and all sorts of relaxation. The islands are also a unique paradise for visitors eager to watch birds (water birds, wetland birds and forest birds). When you go to these beautiful islands, you will be welcomed by receptive Islanders and colorful wildlife such as birds and brilliant butterflies. The islands bilharzia-free Sandy Beaches are very ideal for lakeside resting. In addition, fishing of the tasty Nile Perch and other fish species, swimming is another wonderful adventure one cannot forget.

Pleasantly, the Bay of Lutoboka in Bugala Island is becoming a persuading site for visitors and tourists in search for a very quiet and soothing place to enjoy sunbath and swimming in uncontaminated water of the lake. The islands of Ssese also have over 13 untouched tropical rain forests, numerous beaches, variety of bird species and over seven hours of sunshine.  It is indeed a nice destination for doing sport fishing or explore the interior of Bugala Island.