Ssese Islands Uganda


Ssese islands are an amalgamation of 84 islands found in the north west of Lake Victoria. For the peaceful white sandy beaches, natural rain forests and water, there is no other destination to holiday in Uganda except for the Ssese Islands. The 84 Islands present more magnificent experiences of life in Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa.

The Ssese islands are gifted with over 13 forests, numerous beaches and over seven hours of sunlight. This makes the Ssese islands the most ideal holiday target or honeymoons. Traditionally, the Ssese islands are respected as the “Islands of the Gods” and one particular island called Bubembe Island is regarded to be the habitat of Mukasa, the spirit believed to be the king of the Lake. The islands are also safe havens for tourists with keen interest in bird watching. The Ssese islands are blessed with a numerous birds which include water birds, wetland birds and forest birds.

When you arrive at natural perfect and beautiful islands, you will be welcomed by the hospitable Island dwellers and the colorful wild birds and shining butterflies. The sandy beaches are said to be bilharzia free whereas fishing the delicious Nile Perch and other fish species from the local boats is another astonishing activity.