Ssezibwa Falls

Ssezibwa Falls Mukono

Ssezibwa falls are found in Mukono district, accessible from Kampala after a drive of about 33kms (less than 45 minutes) along Jinja highway. When you reach Kayanja Trading Center, overlooking Kasaku Tea Estate, turn right following a sign post directing travelers into a murram road which is 1.5 km to reach the falls.

The water falls emerge from the rocky grounds falling deep into a kind of oasis water collection surface, before draining in River Ssezibwa, leaving at the back a breezy environment enjoyable to total leisure. The falls are also the panorama for a collection of tropical birds, principally for bird watchers, butterfly watching and relaxing in environmentally forested biomass arrangement.

At Ssezibwa, hissing sounds from the waterfalls welcome you to this natural colour atmosphere. Ssezibwa is a local idiom implying “something endless” The good-looking and sacred Ssezibwa Falls have long been one of the favorite natural preserves for Buganda’s Kabakas (Kings). Ssekabaka Mwanga II planted a giant tree at the site to demonstrate his respect and high esteem he had for the wonderful Sezibwa Falls and Muteesa II planted another tree at the same place, an act of reverence too. Both trees are regarded as sacred gifts from the Kabakas. And this reason and the wonderful nature of the falls, many people flock the area for blessings for wealth and prosperity, marriage stability and general fortunes in their daily social lives.

Ssezibwa Falls are believed to have been ‘born’ by a human being many years ago. It is said that a woman, Nakangu of the Ekibe (Wolf) clan gave birth to a twin river, which split into two distant streams and an island immediately below the waterfalls. It is believed locally that the spirits of Nakangu’s unborn children, Ssezibwa and Mobeya still inhabit the river and it was once customary and habitual for any Muganda passing by its source at Namukono, some 20km further east to throw a handful of grass or stones into it for great fortunes in life.

Ssezibwa Falls Tour Activities.

Ssezibwa Falls is an excellent and convenient place where one can enjoy and experience the wonders of nature. Among the activities a tourist would enjoy include:
1. Camping
2. Nature-guided walks (2 trails).
3. Bird Watching
4. Scenery view from the top of the falls
5. Boat drive or canoeing
6. Community walks
7. Hiking
8. Mountain biking
9. Primate walk
Where to stay


The Ssezibwa Falls Resort is about 45 minutes from Kampala and close to the famous falls, which are a Buganda Heritage site. Visitors can see the spectacular falls over on a projection of sharp-edged rocks, with a superb sound of pouring waters. The chunky green bushes hide a variety of nature’s wonders, like the song birds, croaking frogs and wonderful trees. The resort offers a selection of accommodation and it has:
• 40 rooms
• Restaurant
• Bar
• Family friendly
• Laundry services
• Television
• Internet access