Tourist Sites in Uganda

When you choose to Tour Uganda, you will visit several places of enjoyment. Besides the country’s 10 National Parks and game reserves, there are also several tourist sites in Uganda that attract lots of tourists that visit the country every year. These tourist places range from wildlife, nature to adventure in terms of the activities they have to offer. They include Waterfalls, forests, hot springs, mountains, Hills, Lakes, Rivers, Islands, communities, traditional palaces, religious sites and towns  among others.

Major Tourists Sites in Uganda – National Parks in Uganda:-

  1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – This is the park which hosts almost half of the world’s mountain gorillas. Its the busiest in terms of gorilla trekking safaris.
  2. Mgahinga National Park – This one is another home for gorillas in Uganda. It has also got golden monkeys as well.
  3. Murchison Falls National Park – The Biggest in Uganda, Murchison Falls has got several animal and bird species. Activities at the park include game drive safaris, boat cruise and chimpanzee trekking in Budongo Forest. The spectacular Top of the Falls is also found in this large park.
  4. Queen Elizabeth National Park – The second biggest in Uganda, this park has is known for many animal species as well as birds. Kazinga Channel, Kyambura Gorge, Maramagambo Forest, Ishasha Sector, Kasenyi Plains, Mweya Peninsula as well as several crater lakes are all found in the board. Lake Edwrad and Lake George are also neighboring the park.
  5. Kibale National Park – This is a home for the biggest number of chimpanzees in Uganda and therefore facilitates lots of chimpanzees safaris on a daily basis.
  6. Rwenzori Mountains National Park – For Mountain climbing and hiking adventures, Rwenzori Mountains are the most ideal.
  7. Mount Elgon National Park – Hiking activities especially of Sipi Falls as well other smaller falls are the major things to do.
  8. Lake Mburo National Park – This small park is found in western Uganda with game drives and boat cruise as the major activities.
  9. Kidepo Valley National Park – Found in the far-east north, this park is another excellent holiday destination. Game drives, nature and community tours are common within the park.
  10. Semuliki National Park – This park is known for its Sempaya hot springs as well the pygmies that live near it.

Other Tourist Sites in Uganda include:-

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary 

Tourist Sites in Uganda

Ngamba Island, a home for orphaned chimpanzees in Uganda is among the Koome group of islands in Lake Victoria. These islands include Koome, Kiimi, Bulago, Nsazi and Damba Islands among others. The island is a paradise for holiday makers who flock it regularly to see the feeding of chimpanzees plus a variety of tour activities such as kayaking, nature walks, swimming and bird watching.

Sempaya Hot Springs Uganda 

Sempaya Hot springs are found in Semuliki National Park. These marvelous hot springs are an attraction for tourists who frequent the place when they for wildlife tour of the park. The springs that boil at a high temperatures of up to 103 degrees Celsius; have a spray shooting up 2 meters from a wide-ranging hole of about 8 meters. The springs that boil up from the rock bottom of the earth; reveal great underground topographical forces that have for many eras ago shaped the Rift Valley. Semuliki National Park covers 220 square kms and is among Uganda’s newest National Parks as it was gazetted in October 1993. 

Sipi Falls Uganda 

Sipi Falls is a chain of 3 waterfalls in the Eastern side of Uganda in Kapchorwa district, northeast of Sironko and Mbale. The falls lie on the threshold of Mount Elgon National Park near the Kenyan border. The area where Sipi Falls are is the preparatory point for many treks up to Mount Elgon. The most common route begins in Budadiri and follows the Sasa path to the top and then runs down down the Sipi trail back to the Sipi Falls. Climbing to the falls give some spectacular views of the Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga and the hills of Mount Elgon. Tourists can have trips to the entire Mount Elgon through Speedway Safaris.

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi, locally meaning a Place of many little birds is found in South Western Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale near the Rwandan boarder, 450 Km from Kampala, that is a drive of 7 hours and 100 km from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. Lake Bunyonyi is a Holiday destination for travellers who are going for gorilla trekking in the nearby Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga National Park for some Uganda Safari activities.

The Source of river Nile is the best place to go for a breezy relaxation, excitement and discovery in Jinja. The Source of the Nile Gardens and Speke Memorial Site is a place in Jinja district with 17 acres marking the origin of the longest river in the world. With green calm and spacious gardens, the Source of the Nile is one of Uganda’s main tourist attractions with a number of indigenous birds and monkeys that are visible there all the time.


Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria

Ssese Islands are an archipelago of 84 islands in the Lake Victoria lying in north western side of the lake on the Ugandan side. Some islands are very large in size especially Bugala and Bukasa island whereas others are small with little or no human inhabitants. When it comes to serene white sandy beaches, natural rain forests and water wonder world; Ssese Islands become the best place to visit for Holiday and Vacation experiences in Uganda. The islands provide comfortable breathtaking life experiences in Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest water body in the lake category.


Ssezibwa Falls Mukono Uganda

Ssezibwa Falls are found in Mukono district, accessible from Kampala after about 30 kms along Jinja highway. At Kayanja Trading Center, overlooking Kasaku Tea Estate, turn right following a sign post directing travellers into a murram road which is 1.5 km to reach the falls.  A visit to the Spectacular Falls is usually a supplementary activity to those doing Uganda Safaris and tours in Jinja or Mount Elgon region.

The Bahai Temple Uganda

The Bahai Temple Uganda is found on Kikaya Hill, 7 kilometres from Kampala city centre has been hailed as one of the wonders of Africa. The Temple interests many visitors not only because of its rare and unique architectural design but also the beautiful natural environment in which it stands out majestically above other features.

Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi Tombs is the burial ground for Buganda Kingdom kings. Situated on Kasubi hill within Kampala, the Kasubi Tombs is an active tradition place in the kingdom. It is where the last four kings of Buganda are buried making it a very important religious centre for the royal family. It is also a place where the Kabaka and his representatives frequently carry out important rituals related to Ganda culture.

River Nile Uganda

 River Nile has a lot to offer to tourists ranging from boat trips to the source, to activities like rafting, kayaking, Fishing on the Victoria Nile and bungee jumping. The name Nile is a Greek word meaning the valley. Nile is the longest river in the world whose source is known to be Lake Victoria side of Jinja. The river is 6695 km long and flows through a total of nine countries but is most associated to Uganda and Egypt. The other countries include Ethiopia, Zaire, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan.

Nakayima Tree Mubende

Nakayima Tree is found in Mubende. This is ancient witch tree, the base of which has a large buttress roots, it is sited on top of Mubende hills about 4 km out of the town. This is a 2.13 m hill with a flat table top where the ancient palace once stood provides an excellent view of Mubende town and the surrounding area. The tree is estimated about 400-500 years and it serves as a shrine of the spirits of Nakayima the first wife of the Bachwezi King Ndahura.

Wamala Tombs

Most of these tourists sites that Uganda is proud of can be visited independently in one day, two days or three days depending on the itinerary that a prospective guest has asked for. Or else, a visit to these tourists sites can be included in a bigger Uganda Safari itinerary that entails several national parks and game reserves.

For any visitor who has just finished or going for a confirmed Uganda Safari, he or she can supplement his package with any of the attractions above.

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