Uganda Gorilla Trekking Best Time to Go


For Uganda gorilla trekking, the best time to go for it is during the drier months as opposed to the rainy seasons. Many prospective visitors ask themselves about the best time to visit gorillas in Uganda. People have given mixed expressions about when is it best to see gorillas in the wild and we have managed to offer you the most ideal options.Uganda Gorilla Trekking Best Time to Go

The best time for gorilla trekking in Uganda is from June to October and again from December to February. These are drier months the conditions in the forests are not muddy and wet. Hiking to in search of gorillas is fine. But due to global warming, at times it’s hard to forecast the weather conditions in the country. At times rains come earlier or some other time late.

Numerous opinions and sentiments have been expressed in diverse ways like the use of online travel forums including Trip Advisor, Safari Bookings, Lonely Planet and many others. The truth is that mountain gorillas in Uganda are ideal for trekking all through the year and visitors always achieve the same contentment. Most travelers are fond of avoiding the rainy periods and prefer drier months when the weather conditions are friendly. But Bwindi Impenetrable National Park being an equatorial rainy woodland, possibilities of rains anytime are very high regardless of the season.

Uganda’s Mountain gorillas are amongst the endangered animal species on earth. They are found Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and the Virunga National Park. To visit gorillas in their wild habitats, tourists pay reasonably to the park authorities. The cost of seeing gorillas involves a gorilla permit, transport and accommodation among others. Such items obviously have to put the price up. Due to the expenses involved in gorilla trekking prices, it’s the reason prospective travelers are concerned about the best and most ideal time to visit.

But at AAB Tours and Travel, we assure you that all the twelve months are good for gorilla trekking. Feel contented to book a gorilla safari with us and we shall offer package that will give you’re the most excellent experience in Uganda.