Wildlife Reserves & Sanctuaries

Uganda National Parks: Uganda has 10 National Parks plus several games reserves, wildlife reserves and sanctuaries on which its tourism is based. All combined, Uganda National Parks are the ones that define Uganda Safari and Uganda Tour activities. several safaris in Uganda take place in these park that are evenly distributed and represented in almost all regions of Uganda.

Besides the National Parks that the country is proud of, there are numerous Game Reserves in Uganda where also tour activities are carried out and they contribute highly to Uganda’s Tourism success. These include:-

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Uganda

  • Ngamba Island in Lake Victoria
  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Uganda
  • Entebbe Wildlife Sanctuary​
  • Jinja Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kazinga Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Malawa Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mount Kei Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Otze Forest Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ntoroko-Kanara Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Nyaburogo Wildlife Sanctuary

Ramzar Sites in Uganda 

  • Mabamba Bay Wetland
  • Lutembe Bay Wetland System
  • Murchison Falls-Albert Delta Wetland System
  • Lake Bisina Wetland System
  • Lake Mburo-Nakivali Wetland System
  • Lake Nakuwa Wetland System
  • Lake Opeta Wetland System
  • Nabajjuzi Wetland System
  • Sango Bay-Musambwa Island-Kagera Wetland System (SAMUKA)
  • Lake Nabugabo.